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Thomas Gargan

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I learned art as a child from my mother who was an artist and art teacher.  In addition to continuous art projects, there were always artful decorations and creations in our home that changed with the season.  Art and color were the fabric of our daily life.  


As an only son of immigrant European grandparents, education and academic achievement were expected, as were pursuits in more lucrative professions such as medicine, business and law. 


Most of my art was manifest in the enhancement, modification, and restoration of the human body as a Harvard trained plastic surgeon.  During this time, I would draw and design operations for my patients, congenital, reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, in addition to providing drawings for my publications.   Both drawing and sculpture of the body form were a constant in my daily life.


After a car accident that left me with some numbness in my hand, I decided to pursue an art career and started to take additional art classes and lessons from The Art Student’s league, as well as with Don Sahli, Kim English, Chuck Ceraso, Quang Ho, Molly Davis, and countless artist friends who have taught me collectively.


I paint what moves me and elicits emotion.  I am always experimenting and looking for new ways to see and express what I see.  I don’t paint a recipe or use a particular technique.  Whether it be by using knives, brushes, sticks, fingers, trowels or other implements, I am trying to explore and have fun expressing what I see and feel.  Ultimately, I would suppose that I paint a portrait of my mind and soul through the forms represented.  I am continually learning from the masters from a growing library, and from museums and galleries, as well as being exposed to as many artists and art forms expressed both nationally and internationally.  


Art or the perception of art means something different to everyone.  It is a personal journey of growth, adventure, and expression for me.  I hope that my paintings bring some joy and meaning to you too.


Thomas J. Gargan

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